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Home page is our most visited page of the Site. We offer advertising opportunity there only for the extremely popular brands that for great deals or exclusive rights for new product arrival or end of cycle products for the customer of AasanRasta.com
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Category page is a great opportunity for different category leaders to advertise right at the landing page of that category
Category Ad Page
We have listing of all category ad at AasanRasta.com - when someone is post free ad, you can present your brand in a side banner
All Ad Page
You can advertise with banners on our inner page lowest price..
Ad Detail Page
We can have your marketing collateral or retail coupon or product samples be inserted in those boxes
Post Ad Page
For leading brands and products, we design highly attractive but super viral deals offerings that make the brands extremely popular among cyber audiences. For example, we sold 15k Adidas Deodorants in less than 10 hours and during that time the brand reached over 1 million online shoppers
Sponsored Listings
We also give you the opportunity to list your product in a special block titled "Sponsored Listings" that will bring immediate attention to your product.