How to post an ad?

Start off by clicking the 'Sell' button which will be available throughout all the pages of the website. This button will allow you to post any type of advertisement. Fill out the fields in the sell form to complete your advertisement. Make your ad stand out and noticeable by putting all the information that'll help describe what you're offering When creating an ad, it's important to include the following basic information below: • A concise title • Select the category that best suits your ad • The actual condition of the item • The selling price • 2-3 photos of the actual item. Your camera phone alone should do the job • If it's a service, use your company logo, a plain text photo describing the ad, or images that depict what your service is all about • A concise description that ideally includes a brief description of the item/service, your reason for selling, payment method, and your preferred meet-up locations When you're ready to publish the ad, just hit 'Submit Ad' at the bottom of the page and it will be posted on the website shortly after. Is posting free ? Yes! You can post ads on Aasanrasta.com for free! There is a certain number of ads you can post for free though, and the limit varies depending on the category you are posting in. Once you've reached the limit in a particular category, you can post more ads using ala-carte Paid Ad Slots or Ad Posting Packages. How do I post additional ads then? The website is designed for your convenience. Upon reaching the limit in a particular category, you will be redirected to a page where you can purchase a Paid Ad Slot to continue posting your pending ad. The cost of Paid Ad Slots vary depending on the category you're posting in. You can check the free ads limit and cost of single slots for each category here. How do I extend my ad's life? Sellers now have the option to instantly use Express Refresh or Scheduled Refresh which will extend an advertisement's lifetime for another 28 days and bump it up in the search results giving it fresh exposure is if it's newly posted. What happens after my ad expires? Your ads that have expired naturally (not manually deactivated) will be transferred to your 'Archive' page after they expire. They will remain in this page for 15 days from the date of expiration serving as your reference and time to reactivate your post should you need to. Why was my ad returned or moderated? Our moderators will return advertisements that have not met the posting guidelines or violate the website rules. What do I do if my ad is returned for adjustments? If your ad has been returned to you, visit the articles below for tips: • Advertisement Posting Guidelines • Tips for Sellers Where can I find my ads? You can check all your advertisements by visiting your account's 'Ads' page while logged in. Here, you will find your active advertisements, pending ads (e.g. requires Paid Ad Slots and unconfirmed from guest posting), and those that have recently expired.